Born in the heart of Texas and brought up in rural New York- San Antonio-based Michael Martinez is a singer-songwriter living in blended worlds. Wielding a Spanish guitar and three-row accordion, he weaves elements of Americana, Latin folk music, and spoken-word poetry  to  create unique songs with strong roots. Drawing on traditions from his mixed heritage, he is a Texas-troubadour, a multilingual-folkie, and 100% roots music.

 He began his career as a teenaged street-performer- being pulled to sing in Mexican restaurants and working for local labor organizers and community associations.


He would sing for migrant workers in the cornfields and vineyards of the Finger Lakes as well as grad students and professors at cultural association dinners.  In his youth he began to drift around the country and the world.

Singing a range of styles: rancheras, Country classics, Cajun staples and old flamenco songs.

He has been spotted on stages in theaters, in cantinas, house shows, and street-corners and subway tunnels from NYC to Barcelona; Mexico City to New Orleans.

Together with his band The Cantina Ramblers or solo he writes and  performs in English, Spanish and French, putting on a show as fitting for an intimate listening room as a dark dance hall. Sweetness and fire abound as he explores love, death, longing, sensuality and solitude using the tools fo a wandering troubadour.

His demo EP “Carnaval Blues en Nueva York” is available on all platforms. 


His first album "In Terms of Print and Color is set to be released in fall of 2023 and includes Grammy-award winning Tejano musicians of "Los Texmaniacs" and local talent from the Finger Lakes of New York and San Antonio Texas. 


Nacido en Texas y crecido en Nueva York, Mijail Martínez— cantante y compositor que vive en diversos mundos. Armado con una guitarra  y una ardiente pasión para la poesía, ha tocado en el metro, en la calle, en cantinas, y en teatros desde NYC, Barcelona, Ciudad de México, New Orleans, hasta San Antonio Texas. Junto con su grupo The Cantina Ramblers, crea canciones en inglés, francés, y espańol y da presentaciones que cabe en un escenario íntimo igual que en una sala de baile. Dulzura y fuego abundan como explora con sus canciones el amor, la muerte, el deseo, la sensualidad, y la soledad, en la tradición de un trovador ambulante, siempre mirando al horizonte. Su debut, “Carnaval Blues en Nueva York” está disponible en todas plataformas




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